Good Choice picking Good Dog Portraits!

I work exclusively in oils because it is the medium that promises to endure the test of time. Only the finest of materials are used and, of course, your satisfaction in the finished portrait is always guaranteed. I like to begin with a phone conversation about your dog. We can discuss where you are in the process of choosing a photo. I will want to know what appeals to you in terms of style. It's possible that an emailed image will work, if not, the photo can be mailed and returned with good speed.

Positioning the image on the canvas is my next step. Some possibilities can be emailed for you to choose from. Once you've settled on the composition, a check for 50% will be required.

Generally, the time frame can take up to 3 weeks. When the painting is complete, I will email you the results. If you are satisfied, mail me, via check, the second half of the payment. I will then, with great pride, mail you your dog's portrait. Regular, insured, UPS shipping is included in the price. The portrait will arrive unframed, unless you and I discuss those options.

Gift Certificates make wonderful surprises. Archival prints of the finished portrait are also available upon request.

Consider where the portrait will be hung when choosing a canvas size. Sizes and Prices are general guidelines. There are many size options beyond this list. Prices may increase depending on the complexity of the background or the addition of another dog.

08 x 10 - $110.00
10 x 10 - $130.00
12 x 12 - $185.00
12 x 16 - $250.00
14 x 18 - $325.00
16 x 16 - $350.00
16 x 20 - $425.00
18 x 18 - $450.00
18 x 24 - $525.00
20 x 20 - $550.00

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